Case Results



Covered. Hard fought. Hard earned.

With over five decades of combined trial experience, the Clifford Thames Solicitors has secured millions for injury victims and their families. While we are proud of the significant recoveries we have obtained, we are equally proud of the injustices we corrected where the harms were not as substantial.

Some Successful Recoveries


Toxic Tort Injury

We assisted in the recovery for over 40 homeowners living in the same neighborhood who claimed in excess of €16 Million in property damage.


Personal Injury

We secured €130,000 on behalf of a woman who suffered a permanent brain injury after three years of hard-fought litigation.


Permanent Spinal Cord Injury

The Clifford Thames Solicitors obtained the second largest medical negligence verdict in Europe for 2017 (€13.5 million)


Worker Compensation

We secured a large settlement for the family of a man who was crushed to death and drowned when the bridge structure collapsed.


Construction Worker Falls to his Death.

We obtained a significant recovery for the family of a steel worker who fell to his death while performing his duties on a boom lift. Four other law firms turned the case down before the we took the case.


Wrongful Death

An elderly woman suffered a fatal head injury while residing at an assisted living facility. After a two-week trial the jury found that the managing company was responsible, and the jury delivered a substantial verdict.


Spinal Cord Injury

We successfully secured a substantial settlement for a 69-year-old woman who suffered a spinal cord injury that left her with paralysis and incontinence.


Spinal Injury

We recovered €7 Million for a family whose breadwinner and patriarch suffered a severe spinal cord injury.


House Fire Takes a Life

We took over this tragic case after two other prominent law firms told the Porter’s family there was nothing that could be done. Fortunately, our firm’s work was able to uncover the truth.